Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), an emerging promising technology; it is used widely in diversified real-time applications. WSN offers outstanding occasions to scrutinize different types of environments. Examples for different types of environments are Traffic inspection and traffic supervision, buildings, environment monitoring, smart homes and many more scenarios. Nowadays, the network security i.e., wireless sensor network security has became a most important disquiet for WSN designers as no any manual controlling of nodes and extensive security applications. In this project, an attempt has made to illustrate some of the active attacks that usually occur in networks in the data transmission process. Zero Knowledge Protocol, the key generation algorithm is utilized to address clone attack by integrating unique finger-print to each individual node. The finger-print is created using adjacent nearest neighbour node information and the node itself. Man in middle attack and reply attack can also be avoided with this protocol i.e., ZKP.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Zero Knowledge Protocol, Cluster Head, Base Station, MITM.