Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network is a continuously self-configuring, infrastructure-less network of mobile devices connected without wires. They use wireless connections to connect to various networks.One new type of ad-hoc network in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network in which vehicles constitute the mobile nodes in the network. The ad-hoc protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc network is already is introduced earlier. But the pattern of working in VANET and MANET is quite different in nature even for multimedia data performance is quite different than ordinary data over scenario the simulator to simulate the given network. This paper provides insight into ad hoc routing protocols (DSDV, AOMDV) and their metrics (Throughput, end to end delay, Packet loss) using NS2. The performance differentials are analyzed using varying metrices. These simulations are carried out using the ns-2 network simulator.This paper presents comparison based on simulation of routing protocol of MANET and VANET.

Keywords: VANET, MANET, Ad-hoc network, Routing protocol, simulator.