Abstract: Now a day both parent are working outside for their respective job, so because of this no one is with their child who can keep observation like whether child is coming safely from school or not, whether child is happy at school atmosphere or not etc. So point arises how parent can keep these observation while seating in their respective office. The answer is child tracking system on mobile terminal. The proposed system includes a child module which have GPS, GSM, and ARM7 and voice playback circuit and parent module which includes mobile phone (which supports internet connectivity) for getting the information about the missed child on periodical basis. Addition to the proposed system is that parents donít have to continuously monitor the location of child, if child is going outside of define area then alert message will be given to parents. Also if child is crying then also alert message will be send to parents. Child module have one panic switch, with the help of which child can alert parents.

Keywords: Child Tracking System, Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for mobile communication (GSM), ARM7