Abstract: This paper presents the factors of the dynamic motion which affect the comfort of the passengers. The extreme tilts by the driver and vibrations of the vehicle due to defects on pavement shows the way driver drives. These factors indirectly reflect the behaviour of the driver and driving skills. These eventually affect the comfort of the passengers inside the vehicle. The system develops a vehicle embedded data acquisition system. The data is collected on-board and stored into the external memory for further reference. The tilt of the vehicle is measured using the 3-axis accelerometer. The vibration is detected using the vibration sensor. The global positioning system (GPS) allows detection of the exact location where the reckless driving is done, defects on the pavements. Thus the system is to capture the data coming from these sensors during the journey. Over the complete journey the captured data in the memory reports the location of reckless driving along the journey.

Keywords: Driverís skills, passengers comfort, tilt, defects on pavement, 3-axis accelerometer, vibration sensor, global positioning system, external memory.