Abstract: In a multilingual country like India, a document may contain text words in more than one language. For a multilingual environment in order to reach a larger cross section of people, it is necessary that a document should be composed of text contents in different languages. But on the other hand, this causes practical difficulty in OCR such a document, because the language type of the text should be pre-determined, before employing a particular OCR. It is perhaps impossible to design a single recognizer which can identify a large number of scripts/languages. So, it is necessary to identify the language region of the document before feeding the document to the corresponding Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. Identification aims to extract information presented in digital documents namely articles, newspapers, magazines and e-books. This has given rise to many language identification systems. The objective is to develop visual clues based procedure to identify different text portions of a document. In this work eight feature namely top max row, bottom max row, top horizontal lines, vertical lines, bottom components, tick components, top holes and bottom holes have been used to identify the script type.

Keywords: OCR, EDGE, PNN, KNN.