Abstract: Pre-processing techniques in image processing are efficiently used to improve the quality of the image before using into any real time application. These pre-processing techniques uses neighborhood pixels in the input image to get new brightness values of the desired output image .These pre-processing techniques hire filtration and resolution enhancement in to it .noise and resolution are the main quality parameters in medical images. The main objective is to improve the image quality by denoising and by resolution enhancement. Noise is the main factor that degrade most of the medical imaging techniques .So to preserve the edges and contour information of the medical images, an improved image enhancement technique and the efficient denoising is required. In this we concentrate on the average filtering, median filtering, wiener filtering and wavelet denoising for image denoising and an interpolation based Discrete and stationary Wavelet Transform technique for resolution enhancement. These technique performance is evaluated using Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR). From the results, it reveals that the efficient denoising and resolution enhancement technique is essential for image pre-processing.

Keywords: Pre-processing , Filtering, Denoising, PSNR, Noise, Resolution enhancement.