Abstract: With rapid aging and economic growth, people became more interested in their long-term health, fitness and wellness. Statistics says that every human is losing his/her life across the globe every minute. In India, everyday many lives of human are affected by heart attacks and more significantly, because the patients did not take timely and proper service. Care of critically ill patients, requires immediate & correct decisions so that life-protecting & lifesaving therapy can be properly applied. Analysis of health parameters of patients after post hospitalization is very difficult. It is necessary to monitor patientís health after he is discharged from the hospital. In this project, we implemented a real time self home healthcare analyzing system which can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and temperature. For this purpose we have used heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation sensor, body temperature sensor. The obtained bio-signal from the each sensory unit is transmitted using a Bluetooth wireless communication in real time at home to the personal computer as well as on the smart phone. We have also used accelerometer in order to alert other family members whether the patient is on his bed or fallen down from the bed. Buzzer is used to alert the other members to indicate any abnormal condition.

Keywords: Post Hospitalization, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature, Bluetooth wireless communication.