Abstract: In this Paper Dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRAs) have received lots of attention in the last two decades due to several attractive characteristics such as high radiation efficiency, light weight, and low profile. There is also increasing challenges for the design of high bandwidth and multi-bands antennas which can be achieved using MHD Antennas for high speed and reconfigurable applications in wireless communication. In this work the objective is to design and develop a cylindrical MHD antenna with circular patch and two annular rings. Magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD) Antenna is a Fluid based Antenna in which the fluid resonator provides excellent coupling of RF energy into fluid. Fluid resonator volume, chemical properties, electric field and magnetic fields are the factors of resonant frequency, gain and return loss. The proposed antenna shall be tuned in the wide band of frequency range between 7.9 27 GHz.

Keywords: MHD, DRAs, isolation, coupling etc.