Abstract: Cloud computing provides many scalable services. Data of users are usually processed remotely in unknown machines which they do not own or operate. Lack of trust in clouds by potential customers is the key barrier to widespread usage of cloud computing. With the convenience brought by this new emerging technology, users’ fear of losing control of their own data. To address this problem, cloud information accountability is proposed to keep track of the actual usage of the owners’ data in the cloud. Data owners upload their data on authenticated cloud; authentication is done by generating certificates using SHA 256. For each access to that data by the registered users, the Java Archives will automatically generate a log record including information of the users. Log record includes the information about the users who are accessing the data enclosed in Java Archive, name of the file that is accessed by the users, its file id and duration of access. If any hacker tries to hack the data, hackers log will be generated and does not allow them to download the file. Hackers’ details are sent to data owner from mobile cloud server for auditing purpose.

Keywords: SHA256, Auditing, Java archives.