Abstract: With the advancement in age and its growing demands, there has been rapid growth in the field of communications. Communication is one of the important aspects of life. For better transmission, even single-carrier waves are being replaced by multi-carriers. Multi-carrier systems like CDMA and OFDM are now a day’s being implemented commonly. So, the main objective of this paper is to design and implement an OFDM System for digital broadcasting standard. In the OFDM system, orthogonally placed sub-carriers are used to carry the data from the transmitter end to the receiver end. In this paper we are focussing on learning the basics of an OFDM System. The purpose of this paper is to provide a simulation of the process involved in the generation and reception of an OFDM signal in a physical channel and to provide a description of each of the steps involved. For this purpose, we shall use one of the proposed OFDM signals of the Digital Broadcasting (DVB) standard for the European digital television service.

Keywords: System, Wireless Communication, QAM modulation, Demodulation etc.