Abstract: In this manuscript, an adaptive FIR filter for high throughput, area and power efficient design will be introducing using distributed arithmetic (DA). DA is a bit serial computational action and uses equivalent concurrent realization of filtering weight update proposal for improving the throughput rate. As well as for high throughput rate and low area consumption the DA uses set of smaller dynamic parallel look up tables (LUTs). To reduced area requirement, sampling period and critical path, the conditional carry save accumulation of shift accumulator using full adder string circuitry will used in placed of conventional adder based shift accumulation. The Least mean square (LMS) algorithm is introduced to update weight and decline the mean square root error between desired and expected output. For the attenuation in power consumption of proposed design, the system has the two separate clocks; slower for all computations except carry save accumulation. The carry save accumulation required separate fastest clock. The designed Adaptive FIR Filter system will include relatively less number of look up tabels, employed half adders in replace of some full adders to reduce required area of filterand less number of multiplexer and thus required power consumption will be less.

Keywords: Adaptive filter, Distributed arithmetic (DA), least mean square (LMS) algorithm, LUTs, Inner Product unit.