Abstract: Single Carrier Frequency-Domain Equalization is one of the emerging technologies in broadband wireless systems. It requires reliable channel estimates to maintain an acceptable bit error rate performance. A two-dimensional MMSE channel estimation (2D-MMSE) algorithm along with blind channel equalization based on improved channel estimation is proposed in this paper. This method can ensure improved spectral efficiency, robustness and spectrally-efficient transmission in Single Carrier Frequency Domain Equalization systems over time- varying channels. The Unique Word (UW) is used as the cyclic prefix and this UW is not needed to delete in receiver section, which reduces the overhead of the system. The 2D-MMSE estimation is simplified as an MMSE interpolation in the frequency domain cascaded by an MMSE filter in the time domain. The noise variance is estimated by UW. Finally, the results show that the proposed algorithm has better performance than previous algorithms and is simple also.

Keywords: MMSE; LS estimation; two-dimensional channel estimation; UW; Single Carrier Frequency Domain Equalization (SC-FDE) system;