Abstract: Most of the security schemes in cloud environment had not addressed the privacy preserving between third party auditor and the data in the cloud. Encryption techniques used previously are RSA based, which have different loopholes which can be overcome by using the most prominent encryption techniques which uses advanced encryption standards (AES) encryption algorithm. AES is most frequently used encryption algorithm today this algorithm is based on several substitutions, permutations and linear transformations, each executed on data blocks of 16 byte. As of today, no practicable attack against AES exists. Therefore, AES remains the preferred encryption standard for governments, banks and high security systems around the world. For efficient auditing the formation of batch of task and are executed in batch wise fashion also increase efficiency of TPA, the batch auditing protocol. In cloud the in the cloud is not only accessed by the user but also update data frequently. hence, providing data dynamics in cloud computing is also of prominent importance.

Keywords: RSA, AES, TPA.