Abstract: The new experience of this work is to provide a simple and low cost solution for users' access in a secured protected place. Large scale adoption of smart devices like smart mobile phones for personal usage has opened up an opportunity to identify people via their smart device identities. This paper aims to (accomplish or gain with effort) very simple way of doing things of users' access control through device (verifying someone's identity) using a microcontroller board such as nuvoTon W78E052D 8-Bit Microcontroller that interacts with the smart device using Bluetooth technology (HC-05 Bluetooth Module) which is almost available in every smart device. Further, the proposed (verifying someone's identity) and (machines/methods/ways) are (intelligent/obvious) and require minimum effort. As a way(s) of doing things of secured communication is used in the mobile apps. The putting into use procedure is discussed through the AdaBoost algorithm for face recognition system using mat lab and java. Some possible application areas are discussed in which the proposed way(s) of doing things may be applied to enable appropriate services.

Keywords: Bluetooth Technology, Face Recognization System, Client-Socket Communication,Android Mobile Device.