Abstract: Cloud computing is one of the emerging field in the IT industry and is widely adopted across the globe due to the easy accessibility and availability of the data from any location in the world over the internet. The era of cloud computing has reduced the overhead of hardware resources and maintenance due to this many industries have started using the different services provided by the cloud example Software as a service or platform as a service. In the recent years Database as a service has become boon in cloud computing era, it will reduce the overhead of installing and maintaining database on the client side, like any other services database as a service is also being provided on the pay per usage policy. In recent years many cloud service providers had started providing database as a service, among them few are: Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc. are good service provider.This paper discusses about the Database as a service and the security challenges faced by the database service provider. CRYPTDB and Monomi system is discussed to overcome the security challenges in database as a service.

Keywords: Cloud computing, CryptDB, Database as a service, database security, Challenges