Abstract: VANETS (Vehicular Ad hoc networks) is gaining a great attention in the field of research which integrates ad- hoc networks and cellular technology for better inter vehicular communications. In vehicular Ad Hoc networks, routing is somewhat typical than in any other wired networks. This is due to severe changes in topology calls for customized routing protocols. The main aim of this paper is to discuss these two such protocols OLSR and ADOV routing protocols. ADOV is on-demand routing algorithm which determines a route to the destination only when desired node wants to send a packet to the destination where packet holds and maintains a table containing information about the destination packet. OLSR is a proactive routing protocol mainly developed for MANETS. This paper extends the use of OLSR for VANETS. Thus comparison of these two protocol results helps selection of particular routing protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc networks.

Keywords: OLSR, ADOV, Vehicular Ad Hoc networks (VANETS).