Abstract: In MANETs, opportunistic data forwarding has drawn abundant attention within the analysis community of multi hop wireless networking, with most analysis conducted for stationary wireless networks. One amongst the explanations why opportunistic data forwarding has not been wide used in mobile ad hoc networks. Itís the need of high capable fisheye state routing scheme with efficient source routing capability. In this paper, we propose a fisheye state routing (FSR)[7] protocol to get efficient data we include extremely opportunistic routing (EXOR )[1] and link state protocol (LS)[2] which compared with proactive source routing (PSR) protocol. We tests using simulation in ns-2(Network Simulator-2) under different network parameters. We get good result in a fisheye state routing (FSR) protocol.

Keywords: Routing protocols, FSR, PSR, EX-OR, MANET, OLSR, DSR, BFS.