Abstract: It is impossible to prevent natural disasters but the applications of recent technologies can be implemented for reducing their effects by developing disaster early warning strategies, preparing and implementing developmental plans to provide resilience to such disasters, and helping in rehabilitation and post disaster reduction. In all cases the circulation of precise, current and reliable information plays a significant role. An integrated approach using scientific and technological advances should be adopted to mitigate and to manage natural hazards using the proper information system for disaster management should be present to tackle the disaster and to manage it. The proposed study is about Uttarakhand (India) which is devastated by natural disaster (cloudburst and flash flood, 15 16 June 2013) before a couple of months and it also can be implemented in another provincial. The proposed study aims preparing an efficient disaster management information system for risk prevention and reduction in time to reach in emergency situations using web based interface and feed forward back propagation neural network.

Keywords: FFBPANN, DMIS, ICT, Cloudburst, NDMA.