Abstract: Personal health record (PHR) is used to maintain patientís personal and diagnosis information, and is stored at a thirdparty i.e., cloud providers. The main concern is about diagnosis information. Due to Personal health record (PHR) patient manage and create his its own health record and the patientís could actually control the sharing maintain with high security and high privacy. Personal health record (PHR) protect and secure the patientís personal health information (PHI) from unauthorized users. The patientís have control over access to their own PHR. To achieve high security of personal health records, we use the attribute based encryption technique to encrypt the all patientís data before outsourcing or before access from unauthorized user. We prestige attribute-based encryption (ABE) practices to attain scalable and fine grained data access control for personal health records to encrypt each patientís PHR file. Data owner update the personal health data into third party cloud data centers. Multiple data owners can access the same type of patientís data from cloud. The Personal health record (PHR) is a high degree of patientís privacy is guaranteed.

Keywords: Personal health records (PHR), Personal health information (PHI), Attribute-based encryption (ABE), data privacy, fine-grained access control.