Abstract: This Paper focus on the well-organized routing of data in the middle of dissimilar areas in delay tolerant networks (DTN).In the current algorithm selects widely held places that nodes visit repeatedly as landmarks and splits the complete DTN area into subareas signified by landmarks. The number of node transfers between two landmarks is computed to represent the forwarding capability between them, relyupon which routing tables are created on each and every landmark to route the packet routing. However, there is more number of landmarks for a single path, throughput depends upon the traffic, the only static path is available, and no mobility nodes can be used. To overcome this problem, we suggest an Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing technique in DTN flow algorithm to enhance node to node communication and for effective throughput is proposed. This technique can be used on all mobility nodes and efficient throughput can be obtained by the utilization of all nodes. The number of landmarks and the total cost is limited. Overall performance will be multiplied by increasing the N range of dynamic methods.

Keywords: Delay Tolerant Networks, inter-landmark, Ad-hoc on demand vector routing