Abstract: First of all, we are in the era of digital multimedia. Because Images, Videos & Audios are the global information sources now. Intellectual property protection & copyright protection in digital multimedia is the core driving force behind this research area. Also watermark can be some verification or hidden messages. Exceptionally successful watermarking innovations have been executed for images and videos. Though, very few algorithms have been proposed for audio behind audio watermarking. This is because of the way that, the human audio framework is a great deal more unpredictable and touchy than visual framework. In this paper we have designed novel and efficient approach based on hybridization of two existing techniques DCT & DWT. Critical performance evaluation with different attacks & different types of audios has been done to demonstrate superiority & robustness of the technique. Also we have compared it with traditional techniques DCT and DWT.

Keywords: DCT, DWT, Robustness, Watermarking