Abstract: Wireless technology has completely transformed the way we livein todayís world almost every automobile vehicle operates hard functions in a wire connection. Replacing a wired connection with wireless connection could prove to be productive in economic senses as it will have an effect on the weight, cost and performance. In this project I propose a wireless network to which will control accelerating, braking, control steering and other functions in the vehicle. The Display unit is in front of the driver, Functionality interface on the dashboard at first included the steering wheel and the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster contains gauges speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and other telltale. The main objective of the proposed system to design a wireless instrument cluster to operate the vehicle in safe speed at critical zones using ultrasonic sensor and 1EEE 802.15.4 standard. Wireless communication between the vehicle body control unit and instrument cluster unit for indicate the vehicle functionality of the vehicle, sensor unit used for safe distance measurement For Simulation purpose the Vehicle unit consider as ARM controller unit and the instrument cluster hardware is designed with ARM controller for interfacing and design a functional process of the vehicle, this propose system provide efficient vehicle speed control.

Keywords: ARM-LPC2148, LCD Display, LEDíS, Meters, buzzer, IEE 802.15.4 Standard .Ultrasonic sensor.