Abstract: Many search engines are accustomed search anything from anywhere; this method is employed to quick nearest neighbour search using keyword. Existing works primarily target finding top-k Nearest Neighbour s, wherever every node must match the full querying keywords .It doesn't consider the density of information objects within the spatial area. Additionally these strategies are low economical for progressive question. however in supposed system, as an example once there's look for nearest restaurant, rather than considering all the restaurants, a nearest neighbour question would raise the eating house that's, closest among those whose menus contain spicy, liquor all at a similar time, resolution to such queries relies on the IR2-tree, however IR2-tree having some drawbacks. Potency of IR2-tree badly is impacted because of some drawbacks in it. The answer for overcoming this problem ought to be searched. The spatial inverted index is that the technique which can be the answer for this problem.

Keywords: Nearest Neighbour Search, IR2-tree, Range search, Spatial inverted index.