Abstract: Driven by the need to control the content chaos that pervades local drives, file shares, email systems and document stores, organizations large and small are looking to impose order through Content Management. There are two types of content structured and unstructured. Unstructured content includes: email, PowerPoint presentations, images, videos, audio recordings, documents, records and other files. ECM focuses on unstructured content to make it structured. Data mining is a tool used to extract important information from existing data and enable better decision-making throughout the banking and retail industries. They use data warehousing to combine various data from databases into an acceptable format so that the data can be mined. The data is then analysed and the information that is captured is used throughout the organization to support decision-making. Data Mining techniques can be very helpful to the banks for better targeting and acquiring new customers, fraud detection in real time, providing segment based products, analysis of the customers purchase patterns over time for better retention and relationship. Those banks that have realized the usefulness of data mining and are in the process of building a data mining environment for their decision-making process will obtain huge benefit and derive considerable competitive advantage in future.


Keywords: decision making, ECM, data miming, knowledge mining, OLAP.