Abstract: The main aim of this proposed system is to measure of the N(nitrogen), P(phosphorus) and K(potassium) contents of soil and according to result, we can add the necessary elements in the soil. The N, P and K amounts in the soil sample is determined by comparing the solution with colour chart. This will describe amount of N, P and K as- high, medium, low and none. The types of nutrients present in the soil - macronutrients (nutrients required in large quantities) and micronutrients (nutrients required in smaller quantities). Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium are mainly required in large amount in soil. “NPK measurement, automatic seeding and fertilizer dispensing robot” system will check the amount of the three main fertilizers which are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil and will dispense the required amount of nutrient. A NPK kit which is used for testing of the soil sample is in existence but the fertilizers dispensing is to be done manually. This problem will be rectified in this system. This proposed system will saves labour, time and obtain better results with using less amount of fertilizers. The same system can be used for seeding also.


Keywords:  NPK measurement, digging, automatic seeding, fertilizer dispensing.