Abstract: Agriculture uses 85% of available freshwater resources worldwide, and this percentage will continue to be dominant in water consumption because of population growth and increased food demand.. There are many systems to attain water savings in various crops, from basic ones to more technologically advanced ones. In existing system, plant water status was monitored and irrigation scheduled based on canopy temperature distribution of the plant, which was acquired with thermal imaging. In addition, other systems have been developed to schedule irrigation of crops and optimize water use by means of a crop water stress index they main problem in this due to fuzzy logic optimization mathematical calculation is to become difficult and it is not having animal entry avoidance.To overcome the mentioned problems, system is atomized using soil moisture, temperature ,humidity and animal entrance to the farm can be predicted to through PIR and sound sensor they sensors parameters send through WSN and monitoring system is provided on the internet web page. Notification also given to the mobile phone. This system is fully efficient automation for irrigation through photovoltaic cells. The simulation of this project will be carried out by using MPLAB IDE and PROTEUS. To verify the functionality and monitor the soil, temperature humidity and PIR sensor levels PROTEUS tool is used. The system design is implemented in Embedded C language.