Abstract: Cloud computing has become widespread in recent years because of the value and speed. However Security challenges are still among the most important obstacles as attacks are a part of each net userís life. This paper explores the identification of Dos and DDos attacks by victimisation CUSUM algorithmic rule. DoS attacks are a category of attacks initiated by individual or cluster of people exploiting aspects of the web Protocol to deny alternative users from legitimate access to systems and knowledge. DDoS on the opposite hand may be a combination of DoS attacks staged or disbursed collectively from varied hosts to penalise the target host from any serving its perform DDoS is term coined once the supply of the attack isn't returning from one supply, however multiple sources. Consistent with the applied approach, Black and White List is formed to spot the attacker and legitimate users supported their weights. To validate our methodology, after we notice the attacker or legitimate users, then we have a tendency to apply CUSUM algorithmic rule to spot the sort of attack that's DOS & DDOS attack and empirical results show the sort of attack.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Attacks, Detection, Dos, DDos, CUSUM Algorithm