Abstract: Modern databases contains very huge amount of data. Also the databases have exists various complex relationships among them. These databases contains over thousands of relations and their entities. Existing query forms are unable to generate queries dynamically as per the user requirements.

Alternative Query Form which takes input in the form of human understandable language and converts it into appropriate SQL query and the query will be fired on relational database to fetch the appropriate data. It is very easy and convenient to ask questions to database in natural language especially to the non-technical users who do not understand the database query language such as SQL.

Our system will provide easy access to complex databases using NLP which perform lexicon processing, query formulation, and dynamic generation of SQL queries which can be easily reused or modified.


Keywords: : Database, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Alternative Query Form(AQF), SQL, Query formulation, Ranking method,Data Source Name(DSN),Local Area Network(LAN) etc.