Abstract: Importance of the road infrastructure for the society could be the same as importance of blood vessels for human`s. Road surface quality should be monitored and repaired on a regular basis. It is very difficult to design a optimal system which gathers the road condition data and processes it. Participatory sensing approach can be mostly used for such data collection.The paper is describes a mobile sensing system (android application) for road irregularity detection using Android OS based smart phone sensors. Selected data processing algorithms are discussed and their evaluation presented with true positive rate as high as 90% using real world data. The optimal parameters for the algorithms are determined as well as recommendations for their application.Continuously keeping track on road and traffic conditions in a city is a problem widely studied. Many methods have available  towards addressing this problem. But this methods proposed  require dedicated hardware such as GPS devices and accelerometers in vehicles or cameras on roadside and near traffic signals. All such proposed are unaffordable tothe common  man  regarding of monetary cost and human effort required. We extend a prior study to improve the algorithm based on using accelerometer, GPS and magnetometer sensor readings for trafficand road conditions detection. We are specifically made research  in identifying braking events - frequent braking indicates congested traffic conditions - and bumps on the roads to characterize the type of road.


Keywords: Mobile sensing; Android phones; Bumps; Accelerometers; GPS; Algorithms.