Abstract: Now days on video traffic over the computer networks have been sourcing,the wireless link capacity cannot keep up with the requirements of traffics.The difference between the traffic requirements and thelink capacity, along with time-changing link conditions, results in less service quality of video streaming over computer networks such as long buffering time and interruption. Usingthe cloud computing technology, we propose a new computer video streaming framework, dubbed ACES-Cloud, which divides in two types one for adaptive streaming and second is for sharing of videos.In traditional systems the performance of video was poor, toincreases the quality of video streaming the way of using ACES cloud. In this system of ACES cloud uses a technics as SVC for creating a private agent to fetching a videos from VSP and stored in the ACES cloud. Using this way the problem of traffic and so buffering problem to be solved.This paper includes the performing of various methods and structures which are used in cloud to provide effective solution for providing better service to the users.


Keywords: ACES cloud, SVC (Scalable Video Coding), SIN, ACS Algorithm.