Abstract: LBP is really a very powerful method to explain the texture and model of a digital image. Therefore it was ideal for feature extraction in face recognition systems. A face image is first split into small regions that LBP histograms are extracted and then concatenated in to a single feature vector. This vector forms an efficient representation of the face area and can be used to measure similarities between images. Automatic facial expression analysis is a fascinating and challenging problem, and impacts important applications in several areas such as human–computer interaction and data-driven animation. Deriving a facial representation from original face images is an essential step for successful facial expression recognition method. In this paper, we evaluate facial representation predicated on statistical local features, Local Binary Patterns, for facial expression recognition. Various machine learning methods are systematically examined on several databases. Broad experiments illustrate that LBP features are effective and efficient for facial expression recognition.


Keywords: Face recognition, LBP histogram, Local Binary Patterns, Feature Extraction, LBP code.