Abstract: Cloud computing is sharing of computer hardware and software resources over the internet so that anyone who is connected to the internet can access it as a service in a seamless way. As we are moving more and more towards the application of this newly emerging technology, it is essential to study, evaluate and analyse the performance, security and other related problems that might be encountered in cloud computing. Since, it is not a feasible way to directly analyse the behaviour of cloud on such problems using the real hardware and software resources due to its high costs, modelling and simulation has become a very powerful tool to cope with these issues. In this paper, we review, analyse and compare features of the existing cloud computing modelling and simulation tools.


Keywords: Cloud computing simulators, CloudSim, cloud computing simulators comparison,SPECI, GreenCloud, OCT, Open Cirrus, GroudSim, NetworkCloudSim, EMUSIM, DCSim, iCanCloud, CDOSim, TeachCloud, MDCSim, GDCSim.