Abstract: The mobile phone users are increasing day by day and everyone wants to develop new things which are improved version of existing one. The user might want the faster technology which can give the answer by giving input in the form of voice and getting output in the form of voice. This project deals with the easy to use and time saving feature and providing the easy search facility.

In this technology, there will be voice-to-text and text-to-voice interaction between the user and the server. Here first voice is converted into text and this text is searched in the database residing in application itself and extracts its answer, then this answer will be converted into voice. If answer is not found in database then it will sent over Google to extract its answer and gets converted into voice. Finally the client will be getting the answer in the form of a voice for the searched result.


 Keywords: Speech-to-text conversion (STT), Text-to-speech conversion (TTS)