Abstract: As a user types in a keyword query character by character, the type ahead search or search as you type system computes answers on-the-fly. In this paper we are going to study the way of supporting type ahead search on data residing in databases. We are going to focus on the way to support this type of search using the language, MySQL In this paper we are going to study about the way to use the auxiliary indexes stored on tables so that the search performance can be increased, since we need to achieve an interactive speed which can be done by meeting the high performance requirements of the functionalities. In this paper we present solutions to both single keyword and multikeyword queries. We also allow mismatching between query keyword and answers by developing the novel techniques for fuzzy search by using MySQL. Supporting fuzzy search is important when users have limited knowledge about the exact representation of the entities they are looking for, such as people records in an online directory. Therefor it becomes easy for them to retrieve information with the help of this feature. We provide recent search, history, auto-completion also in this paper.


Keywords: Search As You Type, Type Ahead Search, databases, MySQL, fuzzy search.