Abstract:  Now a day Internet only put up best effort service. Traffic is transmitting as earliest as possible, but during transmission, there is no guarantee of timelines or real delivery of packets. With the swiftly transformation of the Internet into a commercial infrastructure, demands for a quality of service have developed in rapid rate. People of the present world are very much depending upon the various network services like VOIP, Video conferencing and File Transfer [6,7]. Various categories of Traffic Management systems are used in those services. Queuing is one of the very important mechanisms in traffic management system. Each router in the network must implement some queuing discipline that control how packets are buffered while waiting to be transmitted. The main aim of this paper is to highlight quality of service (QoS) analysis using different queuing disciplines.


Keywords:  FIFO queue, Priority queue, Weighted-fair queue, QoS, MWRR, DWRR, MDRR