Abstract: A new architecture namely 2-D DWT, Multiplier-and accumulator (MAC) based Radix-4 Booth Multiplication Algorithm for high-speed arithmetic logics have been proposed and implemented on Xilinx. By combining multiplication with accumulation and devising a hybrid type adder the performance was improved. The modified booth encoder will reduce the number of partial products generated by a factor of 2. Fast multipliers are essential parts of digital signal processing systems. The speed of multiply operation is of great importance in digital signal processing as well as in the general purpose processors. The number to be added is the multiplicand, the number of times that it is added is the multiplier, and the result is the product. Each step of addition generates a partial product. the simulation is done on the Modelsim and finally output is analysed by using  Matlab.


Keywords: - VLSI, Carry Select Adder (CSA), Carry Look Ahead  Adder (CLA), ASM