Abstract: We presents an application of Augmented Reality technology for interior design. Along with the dramatic progress of digital technology, virtual information techniques are also required for architectural projects. Thus, the new technology of Augmented Reality offers many advantages for digital architectural design and construction fields. AR is also being considered as a new design approach for interior design. In an AR environment, the virtual furniture can be displayed and modified in real-time on the screen, allowing the user to have an interactive experience with the virtual furniture in a real-world environment. Here, AR environment is exploited as the new working environment for architects in architectural design works, and then they can do their work conveniently as such collaborative discussion through AR environment. Finally, this study proposes a new method for applying AR technology to interior design work, where a user can view virtual furniture and communicate with 3D virtual furniture data using a dynamic and flexible user interface. Plus, all the properties of the virtual furniture can be adjusted using occlusion- based interaction method for a Tangible Augmented Reality.


Keywords: Augmented Reality, Tangible AR, CAAD, ARToolkit, Interior design.