Abstract: Technology is changing everything and impacting most every part of every business. Innovative human resource practices have reengineered the old process. Today human resource managers have innovated their way of hiring and recruiting employees. Innovative HR practices have overcome various human capital challenges viz. geographical limitations, mobilization etc. Human resources technology helps in all processes from recruit to retire functions and has drastically changed the way employees and managers get access to the human resource data. The past decade taught business firms everywhere a humbling lesson. Domestic companies learned that they can no longer ignore global markets and competitors. Successful firms in mature industries learned that they cannot overlook emerging markets, technologies, and management approaches. Companies of every sort learned that they cannot remain inwardly focused, ignoring the needs of customers and their environment. The key components to an effective human resource team consist of finding solutions that address their biggest challenges with respect to personnel and technology. Using the best in HR Technology to stay ahead of the curve just makes sense. This paper explores the available technology and its usefulness in executing the managerial functions and challenges faced by them. Indeed technology rules the world and HR people enjoy the fruits of benefits and one can not wish away the organizational which can accommodate with caution and human touch. No one can deny the fact that no doubt that technology has made it easier and faster to gather, collate, and deliver information and communicate with employees. More importantly, it has the potential to reduce the administrative burden on the HR department so it is better able to focus on more meaningful HR activities, such as providing managers with the expertise they need to make more effective HR related decisions. Mobile technology adds values to the HR and presents numerous web based  applications to HR people.


Keywords: HR technology, technology tools, competitive advantage, M commerce