Abstract: In this paper, the computerized controller for studying load shedding has been designed and implemented. This controller is designed based on the problem of minimizing load shedding during emergency conditions. The studied problem is formulated as a nonlinear static optimization problem subject to operational and equipment constraints. Suitable adjustments of control of generation rescheduling and control of phase shifting transformers before load shedding is determined and recommended.

SUMT, solution algorithm adopting sequential unconstrained minimization technique is given. Results of application of the proposed technique to a 5 and 20-node network are presented. An overload relief policy is proposed to minimize load shedding.the proposed computerized technique have been presented in this paper.Applications to be IEEE 5 and 20 bus system are presented to validate the applicability of the proposed technique to any system of any size.


Keywords: SUMT, Load Shedding, Power System, Minimization Technique, Sequential Unconstrained, computerized technique