Abstract:  Embedded system application is a hot topic in today’s date & Linux gradually becomes the most important operating system for embedded applications. Embedded real-time system must be able to response and deal with system events within the pre-defined time limitation. In real-time multi-tasking system, a lot of events and multiple concurrent tasks are running at the same time. Therefore, to meet the system response time requirement, we must ensure that each mission can be achieved within the required time frame.

Current Operating Systems includes a graphical user interface that is widely used. Due to the absence of Real-Time ability, current Operating Systems has not been suitable for all industrial applications. On the other hand normal operating system has the advantage of having both widespread applications and broad user acceptance. Moreover lot many low priced user programs are available. This is an attempt to create a way to make operating system useful for industrial real-time applications eliminating its disadvantages without giving up its advantages of popular user applications.


Keywords: Operating System Kernel, Hybrid Kernel, Performance arguments.