Abstract: Management and efficiency of cryptography is not only based on the layer of cryptosystem but also on the generation of keys and exchange of this key’s. One of the mostly used algorithm in today’s cryptosystem is RSA for public key cryptography. But the problem with such cryptosystem is the part of key generation and key exchange. We know that ones the secure key is loss or regenerated this cryptosystem fails. To overcome this problem we want to suggest a different kind of cryptosystem, A Cryptosystem without any key. In this paper we suggest the combination of Magic Rectangle Generation Algorithm (MRGA) with Stenography is being proposed in this work. It is helpful to reduce the time and space to generate and store the different secure keys. This Magic rectangles are formed evenly on the basic of their seed number, row number, column number, start number, row sum and column sum. The generated encrypted text is very difficult to trace as value for row and column sum is very difficult to be traced. And with addition of Stenography it is very difficult to access by any middle man. The proposed work introduces another way of designing security without the use of key and overcoming the weakness of public key cryptosystems such as RSA, ElGAMAL etc. Encrypted file generated by this method will be completely different form the original plain text file and can be transfer securely over the internet.


Keywords:  MRGA, Golden Rectangle, Steganography, LSB method, chipher text