Abstract: Abstract: This paper propose an improved hybrid color image watermarking algorithm using SVD, DCT and DWT. In this algorithm, SVís of transformed coefficients of RGB planes of host image using DCT and DWT are modified with that of color logo image at chosen scaling factors. Simulation results illustrate the good imperceptibility and robustness. The present algorithm bears desirable robustness on various attacks including Gaussian noise, salt & pepper noise, compression, median filtering, average filtering, sharpening, rotation, histogram equalization, left and right cropping, top and bottom cropping and motion blurring attacks. Thus this algorithm is used for application of watermarking in image authentication and copyright protection. The performance analysis of this watermarking algorithm is measured by using MSE, PSNR and CF at various scaling factors.

Keywords:Watermark, DWT, DCT, SVD, PSNR, CF, Attacks.