Abstract: In this paper, fingerprint verification using Distributed Phase Correlation and Normalized Cross Correlation based algorithms are presented. Such algorithms are proposed to be used by Cloud-Computing-Services with Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Protection (QoP). Since transfer of raw images are communication intensive, a proposed method is to use 128-bit Encryption for security and privacy of individuals fingerprints and a FBI approved Wavelet Scalar Quantization (WSQ) compression method at the source before transmitting to the destination nodes. Fingerprint scanners from various manufactures have different specifications in image capture size, etc. Standards need to be set on the specifications for image size, storage, transmission, interoperability of various verification algorithms, and protection. Results have shown Phase Correlation method is robust in cases of fingerprints have a shift and/or rotation relative to each other.

Keywords: Cloud Services; Distributed Phase Correlation; Quality of Protection (QoP); Quality of Service (QoS).