Abstract: The present work deals with voltage differencing current conveyor and its application in analog circuit design. There have been several major developments in the area of analog circuits which have taken place during the past four decades. There is a bulk of material available about the various active blocks developed past Current Conveyors.Among various modern active building blocks, Voltage Differencing Current Conveyor(VDCC), is emerging as quite flexible and versatile building block for analog circuitdesign. In this paper an attempt has been made to highlight the realization of the VDCC active block using MOSFETs and a VDCC based biquad filterusing three active blocks has also been realized. This VDCC based voltage mode biquad filter gives low-pass, band-pass and notch outputs. The workability of the circuit is supported by PSPICE simulations using TSMC 0.18Ám parameters.

Keywords: voltage differencing current conveyor, biquad filter, low-pass, band-pass, notch