Abstract: Cybercrime is a range of illegal digital activities to target an individual or an organization in order to cause harm. The term cybercrime applies to a wide range of attack methods. It can range from mere web site defacements to grave activities such as service disruptions that impact business revenues. The cyber-security assures protection of assets which include data, computers and computer networks. The high level of insecurity on the internet is becoming so much troublesome and transaction on the web has become a thing of doubt. Cyber-security is a necessary consideration for individuals, business, government, military, defence and educational institutions. In this paper, an attempt has been made to provide an overview of cybercrime as a whole and identify different types of crimes. Also we try to find out the casus of these crimes. This paper will focus on exploring who actually is involved in these crimes, how to eradicate cyber crimes and what are the various challenges dealing with cyber crimes. We will also come up with different viewpoints and recommendations in securing the cyber space. With increasing use of information technology (IT) enabled services such as e-governance, online business and electronic transactions protection of personal and sensitive data have assumed paramount importance. The economic growth of any nation and its security whether internal or external and competiveness depends on how well is its cyberspace secured and protected.

Keywords: Cyber-security; Cyber-crime; Threats; Attacks; Hacking.