Abstract: This project probes into the design of the automated irrigation system based on ARM microcontroller. This Embedded project is to design and develop a low cost feature which is based on embedded platform for water irrigation system. Optimum use of water is main objective of this irrigation system to reduce water consumption. This project uses temperature and soil moisture sensors to detect the water quantity present in agriculture and water level sensor for detect water level in tank. Aim of this embedded project is to monitor status of the sensors on remote PC through a web page. Here temperature and soil moisture sensors and water level can be monitored on web page through micro controller. The web-server is connected to the internet. By typing the IP-address on the web browser, the owner gets a web page on screen. This page contains all the information about the status of the sensors and ON/OFF status of the motor.

Keywords: Automation, Internet, Irrigation system, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).