Abstract: With the increasing usage of mobile devices, Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) has been proven to be an essential part of wireless communication and there are many opportunities for using MANET in real time application. Quality of service is an indispensable for implementing this real time application. Since MANET is infrastructure less network and nodes are moving dynamically, ensuring of QoS parameter like delay, throughput, etc are challenging. In this paper, QoS based routing protocol is proposed with the aim of increasing QoS support in MANET communication. It incorporates following: 1) a Game theory based neighbour selection algorithm to meet the transmission requirement. 2) A packet scheduling algorithm to reduce the transmission delay. 3) A segment resizing algorithm that adjusts the segment size based on the node’s mobility. Analytical results show that the protocol provides good performance in terms of delay and throughput.

Keywords: Mobile adhoc networks, Routing algorithms, Quality of service, Game theory