Abstract: A linear transformer based SEPIC converter with ripple free output is proposed in this paper. The topology utilizes a linear transformer in order to obtain optimized magnetics The conventional power factor correction(PFC) single ended primary inductor converter(SEPIC) topologies proposed so far have achieved low conduction losses and reduced input ripple current but they have failed to achieve optimized magnetics.. In addition input current ripple and the voltage stresses across the switches is reduced by utilizing a clamping capacitor across the switch. A detailed analysis is carried out on MATLAB/SIMULINK platform and the various results are tabulated and analyzed. The hardware prototype model of proposed topology is designed and implemented for the input voltage of 24/55 v DC for which the expected output voltage 150v DC with the circuit efficiency of 94% is achieved.

Keywords: power electronics, power factor correction (PFC), bridgeless converter, single ended primary inductor converter (SEPIC)