Abstract: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is more important concept for secure sharing of information or services accessing among distributed environments. It comes from the idea of Object Oriented Architecture and it also adopted with web service technologies. Sharing the services among two or more different distributed domains or within their subdomains, there is a need for secure interoperation among those systems when they access, sending, and retrieving data services. This is most important and challenging issue nowadays in every distributed environment. For example, consider three different university domains having different characteristics and policies sharing their resources among them in a distributed environment. Integration among the domains varies based on the trust relationship among them by specifying the access rights. Some domain may give full access rights to their trusted domains based on the trust relationship and some may give partial access. The issue here is user may have the chance to access the data from un-trusted domain through their trusted domains. The idea behind the paper is to protect and enhance the secure way of communication among the domains by introducing the Multi Level Security (MLS) Method and Two Server Password Authentication for high assurance security. The Token key and Two Server Password Authentication Key Exchange Manager which prevents the untrusted users access the services through their trusted domain. The proposed architecture also improves the security of the interoperation using trusted web server. It assured by path authentication and authorization which also can reject the un-trusted users from security misuse.

Keywords: service oriented architecture (SOA), web service technology, secure interoperation, multi level security (MLS), Identity Management.