Abstract: HTTP is the communication protocol between the PCs and the canter of telemedicine server. Even if some form of encryption is used in transit, the medical data usually reside in an unencrypted format on the enrolled PC. This limits the nature of the problems that can be attempted over the public internet to those in which compromise of the data is not a pressing issue. Grid computing most simply stated is distributed computing taken to the emerging standardization for the flexible, secure coordinated resources sharing among dynamic collections of Telemedicine resources. Grid computing based RSA Security in Telemedicine canter is one of the most important issues facing encryption to need security the big data of patient details . In this paper explained the computing grid is Reliability and RSA Security in Grid computing support complexity management of Telemedicine center using computer communication network. The architecture of the RSA-Grid is presented and a prototype system has been built for further development of Grid-based telemedicine canter services for Emergency treatment with reliability and security assessment based on probabilistic techniques, which require high performance computing for big data of patient details.

Keywords: RSA Security, GridComputing, Computer Communication, Telemedicine